Monday, February 7, 2011

Never ordering from ELF again!

Warning: This post contains my opinion. They are harsh! 

Okay so I have ordered from ELF sooo many times before in the past, and was so excited when I did my last order. I got the 100 color shadow pallet, and I could not wait to get it! It came rather quickly, but was missing my daily brush cleaner. I contacted the company, and they told me they would get it right out to me, which they did after I had to ask them 3 times about it.

They then did send me out my brush cleaner in a yellow envelope via the United States Postal Service. The entire bottle had broken, and leaked everywhere! Half of my product was gone.

I contacted ELF 5 days ago about this, and just today received an email back. It was a generic email and did not provide me with any information. I then checked their site, and saw that "Backordered and or damaged products will be fully refunded."   How the hell can I be refunded if I can never get in touch with anyone!?

This has been a horrible experience, and it will take a lot from ELF to get be back as a regular customer.

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