Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bath & Body Works: Forever Sunshine Triple Moisture Body Cream

Where shall I begin? Hmmm, I got this perfume back in June, and was in love! At first I didn't really like it, but my friend started wearing it and it reminded me a lot of the perfume I used religiously, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. So the next time I was at the mall, I picked up a bottle. I used it and the Vanilla Coconut every day this summer. I love it. But then I ran out! I went to B&BW and was told that it was only available in the summer. I was bummed! But last night, when I went to get my friends some Christmas gifts, my sister found it! I had a mini-heart attack in the store and let everyone know I loved this perfume! So this time, I bought a new bottle of perfume, and this lotion. It goes on like butter and does a fabulous job of hydrating your skin, and that is very good in this gross cold weather! 

“a fresh blend of golden apricot, pink peonies, and a hint of praline that captures the romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn. Experience this fragrance whenever you crave the essence of summer”

Retail Price: $12 (Got it for free last night! Such a good sale going on!)
Pros: Dupe to Viva La Juicy by Juice Couture! Nice scent. Pretty packaging. Affordable. Very good at moisturizing! 
Cons: None that I have come across right now!

I have, and plan on buying this product again and again for a long time! 

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