Wednesday, December 22, 2010

REQUEST: Favorite Tanning Lotion

At the moment, I am currently using a 2011 Australian Gold tanning lotion. I purchased it at my salon on sale for $20 (wasn't looking to spend a lot for a tanning lotion!) and was so happy with the results. The lotion is called "Going Gaga" and comes in a gorgeous disco ball bottle. The smell is AMAZING and it has shimmer in it. This decedent dark bronzing lotion uses natural bronzers for deep, dark color with 20X power! It offers rejuvenating silver extract that provides antioxidants and cell-renewal properties for healthier looking skin. The Disco Shimmer creates an all-over glistening sheen. 

Retail Price: Like I said, I bought this on sale for $20, but it will differ from salon to salon. If you know ahead of time that you will be tanning, it may be smart to purchase it online. I found it for $15 on various websites. 
Pros: This lotion smells so good (Paparazzi Pink!). It works very well. Comes in a beautiful bottle. Gives you a nice, deep, natural tan. Affordable.
Cons: The shimmer is a little too much! I think it would be better if they held off on the shimmer, or offered a lotion that has less! 

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