Sunday, December 26, 2010

Laura Geller Creaseless Concealer

Do not waste your money on this product. It is not worth it, at all. I purchased it because I have a few eye shadows from Laura Geller, and love them! They are such great quality shadows, last all day (seriously, they stay on forever!), and are beautifully pigmented. I didn't bother doing any research on the concealer before I went shopping, but I sure wish I did. I have severe acne scars, and the women at the store told me this was the perfect product for me. Not.

Retail Price: I purchased this for $23 at Sephora.  
Pros: Stays true to the color it is listed as. For example, light was really light. Had yellow undertones. 
Cons: Comes in a tube with a brush attached. Not only is that a place for bacteria to collect, but it is extremely messy. Covers nothing, not even a freckle. Makes oily skin extremely dry looking. Cakey if you apply anything over it. Complete waste of money! 

I would never buy this product again, and do not recommend this to anyone. The concealer I purchased from ELF did a better job than this one. Just goes to show that you sometimes do pay for the name, not the product! And also do your research before you buy makeup! ;)

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